SUBARU FORESTER Workshop Manuals

Vehicle Information:

Body Style: 5 door station wagon

Additional Names: GX, Limited, GT

Motors: 1994cc 4 cylinder petrol; norm aspirated (and turbo from MY99)

Gear Box: 5 Speed Manual, 4-speed automatic

Comments: "Off-road" 4WD wagon based on the Impreza floorpan introduced to Australia in August 1997. MY99 models from August 1998 include turbocharged GT model. Facelifted MY00 range from Jan 2000, MY01 from Dec 2000, MY02 from Sept 2001. Replaced by new generation MY03 model in June 2002 here in Australia.

Workshop Manuals & Owner's Handbooks

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17735Subaru Legacy (Liberty), Outback & Forester 2000-2006 Repair Manual
Aftermarket US manual only covers 2.5 L versions of the Liberty (Legacy), Outback & Forester.